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Tristian Yohan Jagroop

Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorney in Newark CA

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The Jagroop Law Office is a law firm that is located in heart of the Tri-City area (the Fremont, Newark, and Union City area) in Newark, California. Tristan Yohan Jagroop, Esq. is the founder and owner of The Jagroop Law Office. The Jagroop Law Office opened on February 1, 2017.

The Jagroop Law Office primarily practices in civil law, specifically civil litigation. Civil Litigation entails a variety of sub-practice areas of law. Amid other sub-practice areas of civil litigation, the primary sub-practice areas of civil litigation that The Jagroop Law Office concentrates on are Plaintiff’s Side Personal Injury, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Harassment, and Civil Harassment.

Another smaller law practice area of The Jagroop Law Office is criminal law defense. Criminal law defense entails a variety of sub-practice areas of law. Amid other sub-practice areas of criminal law defense, the primary sub-practice area of criminal law defense that The Jagroop Law Office concentrates on is Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

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About Us

The Jagroop Law Office

Tristan Yohan Jagroop, Esq. is a man and an attorney that was born and raised in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, Tristan is a resident of the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. Tristan was a high school graduate of James Logan High School in Union City, California; Tristan was a college graduate of San Jose State University; and Tristan was a law school graduate of Lincoln Law School of San Jose.

From his very young childhood, Tristan always desired to become an attorney in California. Tristan always believed (and still believes) in providing service to others. Tristan wants to represent that person or those people who cannot represent himself, herself, or themselves. Tristan wants to give that person or those people a voice that he, she, or they would not ordinarily have in the legal justice system.

Tristan possesses prior experience in civil law (civil litigation), family law, and criminal law defense.

Tristan wants to help. If he can be of any help or assistance to you, he will provide with one hundred percent maximum effort to help you or assist you. If he is able to help, he is willing to help. He is proud to serve Alameda County and the entire State of California.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Tristan puts his heart and hands in his work he really go out of his way just to get to the Bottom of what's issue ur stressing over and if your deaf and have learning disability like I do he make it alot clear and easy for just the way you understand he explained it just right and he really take his time and not some blah blah well I can't help you unless you pay this much he not even about all tat he help you no matter what case matter is it and he give you best advise what he thinks best work out for your case! let's just say he works hard for you and will fight for you and he really respectful gentleman so if your lost or scared stress or not a clue what going on in court no papers he will stand next to you and make sure he find or get what you need I know because he did it for me thank you Tristan for everything help me so much god bless you and I have faith and trust in you , Regina the deaf girl give you all the stars in the night sky's thank you

    Posted by Regina Palma
    April 30, 2017
  • Mr. Jagroop was very patient and helpful with his explanation of his past experiences with cases similar to mine. He took the time to listen and explain what I needed to do and made sure I understood how to do it. He was very professional and made this situation more clear and understandable for me. He didn't rush our conversation and showed his knowledge of the law extraordinarily. I will recommend him and should I need to retain services in the future he is definitely my go to. Thank you so much Sir! Truly a decent man who believes in fair law practices.

    Posted by Nefertiti Xavier's Mom Pollard
    April 18, 2017
  • He shed some light on our situation.We didn't even know where to begin and he help us step by step. Now, I have somewhat of a peace of mind about how we were gonna deal with our car accident.Also,what have me a peace of mind was that if my friend needed any consulting he was able to speak to him in Spanish, which is amazing and very helpful. Thank you so much Tristan Yohan.

    Posted by Michelle
    April 14, 2017
  • I asked a difficult question about my minor child and I moving to a different state. Mr. Jagroop answered my question with an amazing response. I appreciate the great answers that were given to me. You helped me at not making a huge mistake and moving out of state with out have the correct steps being taken first.

    Posted by Johanna Martinez
    March 21, 2017
  • Tristan has been such a trusted legal aide over the years to me. He's not only helped advise me with matters pertaining to legal contracts that were broken without just cause but also helped answer many questions I had in other matters of law. He's been so informative, helpful, and so quick to come to my aide and provide me with his time and best legal advice. No one ever expects to need any legal counsel, but it's so relieving to know that I can easily reach out to him and be provided with the best advice and information and that he will put all his effort and expertise in helping me. Definitely will always recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer they can trust and count on! Thank you so much Tristan!

    Posted by Anonymous
    April 7, 2017
  • I had a consultation with Tristan, he was very nice, polite & seemed genuinely concerned and eager to help, didnt appear pushy, or arrogant like alot of the attorneys Ive met, didn't cut me off when I was talking. the issues I had that were not of his specific expertise he gave me referrals, rather than just say thats not my area of law. Many attorneys treat you like a #, and rush you in & out barely saying all you needed too. I am hoping to hire him, when I'm ready.

    Posted by Kellie
    February 26, 2017
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